Ayanda Borotho: Number 1 Best Selling Author

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If you follow the Isibaya actress known for her role as maDlamini on Instagram, you will note that she is all about self love, self acknowledgment and she renounces toxic societal norms.

She is a spitter of fire when it comes to the preservation of language and culture. So really, what's there not to love about her?
In all her posts in previous years the hashtag, unbecoming to become really brought her thoughts to life and together for us to follow her wisdom as it drops.

It was then no surprise when she announced that she had penned a book by the same title. The book is finally in stores available at Exclusive Books.
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The book is a reflection on her life and the lessons she's learnt and wishes to impart. Because let's be honest, life has no manual so if each one can help another, we'll be better for it.

The book has already reached number 1 best seller status.
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Speaking to Move! magazine, Ayanda said: “What I know for sure is that marriage shouldn’t be bondage. Marriage should be a safe and liberating space where people grow to be their best version while honouring each other.”

The actress said too often marriage is what women aspire to, but once they get married they stop growing.

“The problem is that there are changes mentally and emotionally, and because you’re told that you’ve arrived, you suppress your growth.”

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