Ayanda Slams Duduzane And His Privileged Background

She is certainly not a fan of the politician

By  | Apr 30, 2021, 03:28 PM  | Ayanda Thabethe  | Top of The

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Ayanda Thabethe has taken aim at Duduzane Zuma for not owning the fact that he comes from a rich and well connected family. The model and actress put the businessman on blast following his interview with Kaya FM’s Sizwe Dhlomo.

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Duduzane spoke highly of himself saying he owes his success in the business industry to his hard work and determination. Ayanda Thabethe does not seem to agree that he had to work extremely harder to reach the level he is at, simply because he is the son of former president Jacob Zuma.

Taking to Twitter, she told the businessman and son of a politician that there is no shame in admitting that daddy did all the work in making him successful.

"I think Duduzane shouldn’t deny the fact that he used his parent(s) connections to get ahead because there is nothing wrong with that. For which purposes he used those connections and to whose cost is the answer that he owes South Africans...

"I think if you come from a family of influence -there’s nothing wrong with using that influence to enrich your life - it’s not glamorous to start from the ground up if you don’t have to. I don’t get why people get pressed when rich kids use their parents connections to get ahead," she tweeted.

Ayanda then took it further by saying people who conceal where exactly they acquired their wealth are annoying.

"What’s a bit annoying is when someone who got a head start or received a favourable amount of luck denies it...own it and do good with it - full stop."

She did however admit that there is some sort of hard work that comes with his success because generational wealth often subsides at some point, and that only happens if the next generation is not focused and working hard.

"Agreed but in everything if you want to make your own name or carry that influence or wealth forward -an element of hard work on your part is required. Remember a lot of wealthy families lose their wealth by the 3rd generation and that’s embedded in hard work amongst other things," stated Ayanda.

A few months back Kelly Khumalo also told Duduzane to pave his own way and acquire a name for himself without having to rely on what his father did when he was still president.

"Pave your own way, use your fathers platform to build what only YOU can be accountable for. Have your own voice..... just a thought," said Kelly.

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