Celebrating Azania Mosaka

Teach us your ageless ways sensei.

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Celebrating Azania Mosaka

Radio personality and entrepreneur, Azania Mosaka has enjoyed a quiet but unshakeable place in South Africa's media industry and decades later we are still in as much awe of both her longevity as we are of her beauty. 

Mosaka was born on this day in 1977 and has gone through quite a lot to get where she is. From her first taste of modelling back in high school (which led to international travels), to living and working in London for a few years before coming back to a corporate job in SA, it seems as though Mosaka was inexplicably drawn to the media industry. 

It was that force that kept her going - even through working a graveyard shift at Metro FM while raising a small child who she still had to wake up with and get ready for creche. "I felt like something bigger was coming,” said Mosaka in an interview with Sowetan's Ntombi Shezi

And so she held on... 

Mosaka went on to earn her own drive-time show, before being moved to mid-morning. Two slots which are no joke when it comes to radio. She later left to join the newly formed Power FM before being offered a major opportunity on 702 which has now become her home. 

In addition to her show on 702, Mosaka co-owns a chain of salons with partners Ego Iwegbu-Daley and Linda Jangulo. These women are our grown women goals, just look at how the entire squad is popping.

Mosaka also has a 19-year-old daughter who is the spitting image of her. And considering how great Azania's skin looks, that age-old "you could be sisters" cliche TOTALLY applies here. 

Shamiso Mosaka

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is Shamiso, not Azania. 

The pair seem extremely close and they often discuss issues such as intersectional feminism and surviving in a world not built to cater to black women. Topics which also spill over into her show - a platform which Mosaka continues to use to further important discussions. 

Happy birthday Azania, we at ZAlebs wish you decades more longevity, happiness, prosperity and success. 

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