Babalwa Mneno's groupie moment for the Beckhams

Babalwa has a moment with the Beckhams.

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Babalwa mneno

We've all been star-struck before and Babalwa Mneno just couldn't resist getting excited over the Beckhams.

When one is on a trip and waiting for a flight, the best we see is tights ass pants and a moon bag. not the case when you are a ZAlebs travelling first class.

The original black Barbie, Babalwa Mneno, was minding her own business in the first class lounge while travelling to UAE yesterday when all of a sudden, Victoria Beckham casually strolled past her while responding to a few messages on her cell phone. 

Bablawa was so star struck she even sneeked in a video of the Beckham's family

A few minutes later, the Beckham boys needed to use the bathroom. 

"I was starstruck and just froze" says Babalwa. Ah B, you're the most fabulous in all the land and could have easily become a Beckham Bestie. maybe next time? 

Babalwa mneno
Beckham boys

She even admitted that she was so star struck!

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