Babes Bids Farewell To Her Mother-In-Law

"Send my regards to my husband"

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A sad week once again for the Gumede/Simelane family as they bury yet another family member. Even though theirs was not the best of relationships between a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, Babes Wodumo and ZamaNguni Gumede had buried the hatchet after laying Mandla 'Mampintsha' Maphumulo to rest.

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The country learnt of the passing of the 64-year-old Zama Gumede, who passed away on Sunday, 15 January 2023 at the Wentworth Government Hospital. Zama was trolled by social media users as she struggled her way to her seat during Shimora's memorial service and funeral service. Many thought she had planned to make a dramatic entrance not knowing that the sickly mother was indeed struggling with her health.

Shortly after laying her son to rest, Zama Gumede suffered a stroke and was hospitalised at the Wentworth hospital. She spent days at the hospital before she succumbed to her illness yesterday. Her daughter Pinki Gumede said she was in high spirits and made jokes, preparing for her departure surrounded by family.

She told Daily Sun that at 10h00 she received a call to rush to the hospital. Sending her condolences was her daughter-in-law Babes Wodumo who asked her to send her regards to her husband, Mampintsha,

"RIP Gogo Ka sponge ungikhonzele kumnyeni Wami. lala kahle Magumede," which translates to, "Rest in peace Sponge's grandmother. Send my regards to my husband. Rest well MaGumede."

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Pinki Gumede announced the passing of Zama to the media and said she had visited her at the hospital that day. “Now that she’s gone, I can see that she wanted to bid farewell to us. She told me she was old and that she was leaving. She asked if everyone was around and I said yes. She wanted to see Sponge, Mampintsha’s son and I told her he was not around. I could see the sadness in her eyes and she did not say anything. She gave us her blessing and we spent some time with her. We then left. At about 10h00 I received a call informing me that she is dead,” Gumede told  Daily Sun.

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Although they had buried the hatchet, Zama did not approve of how Babes chose to mourn her son.  “One; no offence, I love Babes, she and I reunited and made peace at the funeral, but this is not how things are done" said Gumede to Zimoja

“Firstly, she is not at home, she is gallivanting in the streets, drinking and partying. Two, she is not wearing traditional mourning clothes. The daughter of a pastor is not following the rules. She is doing things her own way" added Zamanguni Gumede

“I am not a very traditional person myself, and I understand people heal differently and deal with grief in their own way, but this is not right. This is painful to watch. She is disrespecting my son in a way" she said. 

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