Babes Wodumo And Mampintsha's Mom Bury The Hatchet

Zama even had an opportunity to meet her grandson, Sponge Wodumo

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Controversial musician Babes Wodumo and her mother-in-law Zama Gumede, have let bygones be bygones after dragging her for filth in full public view, a couple of months ago.

It is no secret that Babes and her in-laws have always had a shaky relationship. There has been a lot of buzz on social media about her feud with Mampintsha's mom but, it appears that phase is over now at least. Taking to his Instagram account, Mampinstha posted a picture of the two together, giving fans the impression that they have buried the hatchet.

It appears Zama also had an opportunity meet her grandson Sponge Wodumo, after accusing Babes of faking her pregnancy a couple of months ago. The picture shows Babes and Zama posing together while Zama kisses Babes on the cheek.

Additionally, she appears to be carrying her grandson Sponge, in her arms who appears to be covered by a blanket. Mampintsha captioned the image with a heart emoji and Babes did the same. Fans have praised Babes for ending her beef with her mother-in-law and calling her mature.
It is beautiful sight to see Babes and Zama reconciling. A couple of months ago a heated video of Zama cussing and dragging Babes went viral on social media. This is after she accused Babes of faking her pregnancy and said she was told to not to set her foot at their traditional wedding. She also dragged Babes Wodumo's father accusing him of being a fraudster. Babes hit back and said she would be pressing charged against her.

The Maphumulo family had also cancelled Babes after airing Mampintsha's mom's dirty laundry in a rant on her Instagram account. The gqom singer had accused her mother-in-law of abandoning her son Mampintsha, when he was only three days old. She even threatened to beat her up also saying she would be getting thugs that she knows to teach her a lesson.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Mampintsha's sister Pinki Gumede, said Babes was no longer their makoti and they had cancelled her. “As Mampintsha’s family we are rejecting Babes Wodumo. She’s not our makoti but is Mampintsha’s girlfriend. We want people to know that she’s not Mampintsha’s legal wife," she told the publication.

Additionally, she stated that the gqom star didn't want Umembeso, which is a traditional ceremony held after the lobola negotiations where the groom and bride's families exchange gifts. She said this was because she comes from a Christian family.

“Whenever we raise this issue with her, she tells us her religion doesn’t allow her to perform or observe Zulu tradition. This confused us because she knows that Mampintsha is a Zulu man who observes traditions. She has repeatedly proven that she doesn’t want to be part of this family. For this reason we’ll never put inyongo on her and we are rejecting her,"
she said

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