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The South African music landscape has not only improved in terms of quality, but artists have really upped their game when it comes to their music videos too.

Gone are the days when South African music videos looked like they were taken with a 90s VHS video camera. The game has improved and aspiring artists are taking note too.

We’ve had a string of high-quality music videos grace our screens of late and we’d just like to take the time to appreciate the hard work South African artists have put in for our viewing pleasure.

Here’s our list of the best music videos of 2015, in no particular order.

Anatii’s The Saga, featuring AKA

Anatii not only released one of the most air-played hip hop songs of 2015, but the video to his song also trended immediately after it was released. Besides him wearing his R11,000 sneakers in church, the video was just one of those we enjoyed watching.

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Riky Rick's Fuseg 

It's a coincidence that Anatii is also featured in this video, we guess he's a man who likes to align himself with people who produce good quality work? Anyway, this was personally one of our favorite music videos of 2015. 

The video was just so edgy and brought in so many elements that set the video apart from the usual rump shaking hip hop videos we're used to these days.

Timo ODV's Find My Way

Songs by Timo ODV have literally ruled the dance floor this year. It's become a rare thing to go to a dance club and not hear a song by Timo ODV. His singles are the gospel of dance music and the beauty and simplicity of his music videos is what makes us enjoy his music even more.

Dream Team's Dubane

Besides this being such a feel good song, Dream Team's Dubane video is a true representation of what a beautiful place Kwa-Zulu Natal is. Besides the beach scene, we also enjoyed how the video showcased the township life in Durban and positive vibe the city is known for.

What was also appealing about this video was how carefree Dream Team look in the video, they seem to be in their element and enjoying life, but then again, when you're home you're bound to give off those feel-good vibes.

Nathi's Nomvula

With one of the most loved songs in South Africa currently, Nathi has become a household name with only one single and one album that has gone four times platinum. 

Apparently the video to Nomvula was filmed in the Eastern Cape in over seven locations.

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The one thing that captured our attention with this video was the aerial shots of the scenic views. It kind of reminds us of Mary J Blige's Everything music video too, but with a local twist to it.

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