Beyonce's 'Partition' video: Elegantly sexy

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Beyoncé  | Top of The

Remember when Justin Timberlake "Brought sexy back" in 2006? After watching her new music video for her single Partition, I honestly feel like Beyonce has come as close to re-achieving the feat that Justin claimed to have achieved 8 years ago. It's sexy, it's elegant, it's naughty, and above all, it's Beyonce. 

I must live under a rock, because I missed one of the biggest mindset shifts in entertainment history. I missed the point when Jay Z and Beyonce were the IT couple, the most desirable couple in Hollywood, and soon to be parents to an adorable daughter. Where Jay Z hadn't sold out, or where Beyonce wasn't "dressing like a tramp!". Why do we all suddenly dislike Jay and Bey? What did they do to us? I mean, the other day, I was on Twitter and someone had relabelled a picture of Mr and Mrs Carter (Knowles) to make it seem like they'd been fighting. They weren't even making eye contact! Seriously, why do we hate Beyonce and Jay? (This is a genuine question, please leave me your answer in the comments section because I genuinely don't know!)

I know it seems like I've gone off topic, but stick with me for a little longer. So, now that it's okay to dislike and make fun of team JB, that's led to some ridiculously farfetched conclusions. "Now that I'm no longer convinced by their relationship, I've decided that Rihanna is a better vocalist than Beyonce" or even the preposterous "Beyonce isn’t even that hot anyways" 

Please spare me the hogwash. Beyonce and Rihanna are incomparable vocally. They are not so much in a different class as they are in different grades. In different schools. In different countries. However, these comparisons continue to be made; so much so that Beyonce's appeal as an artist might even have been getting to her head to the point where she decided she had to retaliate. Having been the industry leader for much of her career, Beyonce can be forgiven for not really knowing how to respond to shots fired; which can be the only explanation as to why she released the ridiculous tripe that was Bow Down B****es. 

I suppose if you're going to respond, you'd best do it properly. Rihanna responded to Miley's recent antics by showing Ms Cyrus just how twerking is done. Rihanna's response may or may not have worked for you, but we know that it's something she'd do regardless. You can not, however, imagine Beyonce writhing on floors, clapping her buttocks together. Which is why Partition works.


Yes, we're back on topic! Partition is the perfect answer to those who believe Beyonce may have lost it, or may not be able to compete with today's definition of "sexy" in music. She can keep up alright, and she can do it her way. Beyonce takes on multiple roles in the video; from sexy, hungry house wife, to dangerous highend escort. There's artistic vision, there's seductive scenery in what is an excellent music video. 

I don't think it's going to shut the critics up. This is a harsh world we live in at present and it only takes one Tweet to start a Twire (Twitter+Fire). But Beyonce can hold her head up and say that she stayed true to herself with this video. Oh and that she's absolutely, smokin' hot.