Black Coffee Vouches For SAMAs To Recognise Jerusalema

A petition could be started to add the hit song on the list of nominees

By  | Jul 30, 2020, 11:35 AM  | Black Coffee  | Top of The

Black Coffee has started a 'movement' to help Master KG and Nomcebo to be recognized by the South African Music Awards.

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Jerusalema has become a staple element in celebrations in numerous parts of the world and Black Coffee has witnessed it first hand. He is currently touring Europe and Jerusalema was once requested in some clubs he played in.

Seeing the magnificent work the song is doing and the lack of recognition it is getting here in South Africa, he has sparked a movement that could help get the hit song the recognition it deserves.

Taking to Twitter, he asked the SAMAs to add the song in the list of nominations, which is something completely out of the ordinary however Black Coffee believes it is possible.

"SAMAs don't you wanna make history, by adding Jerusalema on this year's Awards ... I mean you can," he suggested.

He also emphasised the point that the entire country knows it deserves a spot in the list of nominees and should a discrepancy arise, the organisers can surely overlook it.

"The entire country knows it belongs there. They could even run a petition to be signed by the public, that could help also," he wrote.

Cassper who has been against the SAMAs for all these years because he also believes he got snubbed the exact same way as Master KG, expressed how the SAMAs made a mistake by overlooking Jerusalema.

"Master KG and Jerusalema has more hype than the Samas. I'm sure they must be pissed off cause they knew what they were doing was foul and God said, NOT WITH MY CHILD!!!! He elevated him even further!!!!" he wrote.

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