DJ Black Coffee recognizes DJ Ri Coffy

Meet DJ Black Coffee's twin

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South Africa, you never seize to amaze us. A recent flyer of a DJ who could pass as DJ Black Coffee's doppelganger has been making its rounds on the internet. The DJ who goes by the alias DJ Ri Coffy, how ironic, has caught the attention of Black Coffee.

DJ Black Coffee recently introduced his doppelganger DJ to his followers and his mentions went absolutely crazy.

If Black Coffee ever needed a celebrity twin, he should hire this guy right here.

Facebook/DJ Ri Coffy

And it seems like he really is a DJ, for a minute we just thought he was another guy just trying to garner some attention on these internet streets but nope, it seems he is a DJ.

DJ coffee
Facebook/DJ Ri Coffy

His style is clearly inspired by how Black Coffee dresses as well.


Shout out to DJ Ri Coffy, if you've heard him play before please share a video of DJ Ri Coffy playing his set.


Main Image Credit: Facebook/DJ Ri Coffy

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