Blue Mbombo: Don’t be desperate for likes

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Blue Mbombo is urging her fans not to fall into the trap of trying to be someone they are not on social media, just to impress people.

The Diski Divas’ star says she has noticed an alarming trend on Instagram.  

“I've been seeing a lot of people on my [time line] reposting people's pictures pretending like its them. Is life really that sad? Are we really that desperate for likes? Or to be classified in a certain category? Who are we in a competition with?” she said on the social network site. 

We 100% agree with you Blue! Stop trying to live a champagne life on a beer budget people!

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After posting her inspiring message, Blue caught up with her friends, actress Mbali Nkosi and artist Ex-Global, and we were seriously dying of envy over their amazing lunch location.

But don’t worry Blue, we won’t steal your pics and pretend we were there! 


Day well spent 😚 cc @mbali_nks

A photo posted by Blue Mbombo (@blue_mbombo) on


A photo posted by Blue Mbombo (@blue_mbombo) on


#repost what a lovely afternoon 😁 got to see these two @blue_mbombo @ex_global 💛💛💛 such amazing people

A photo posted by Mbali Nkosi (@mbali_nks) on

Image credit: Instagram/ blue_mbombo

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