Blue Mbombo has had a great year

She reflects on past relationships, career and future plans.

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Blue Mbombo has had a successful year. The model sits down with ZAlebs to reflect on 2018, relationships and to let us in on her future plans. 

If social media is anything to go by, it seems like you’ve had an amazing year. Please tell us about that. 
This year was a good year for me, I renewed my contract with Dark and Lovely which was big for me because Dark and Lovely and I didn’t start our relationship on a good note, due to management issues, so I thought after my year contract with them ended, they’d be done with me. I’m excited about Dark and Lovely because it’s my first international campaign. I’ve got billboards in Ghana, Nigeria, France, etc. That’s my biggest achievement and renewing it is very humbling. 2018 has really been great for me, not only did I also renew my contract with my Clear Radiance family, I’ve now partnered with Boulevard champagne as an influencer. I’ve got nothing to complain about.

Were you ever afraid that the industry wouldn’t take you seriously since you started off on a reality show?
A lot of people aren’t aware of this but Big Brother wasn’t what “made me”. I started off on a modeling show called Diamond in The Rough and that’s how I got in the industry, as a model. I knew more was going to come but I didn’t think I’d get this far especially because the modeling industry in SA isn’t so big and respected. The show gave contestants bursaries to study and that’s when I came to Joburg to study PR at Rosebank College and got scouted by G3 models. And after finishing school I went on Big Brother. I didn’t think I’d go far on Big Brother so it was humbling when it ended and I saw how many people were rooting for me and how my fans pushed me to get bigger in the industry and made me stay relevant.

Speaking of Big Brother and beyond, why do you think the country fell in love with you?
We shot 24/7 on Big Brother, it was near impossible to put on a façade for the whole duration of the show, I had to be me. So I think it was just me being genuine and I guess people liked my personality and as a person. 

We saw your relationship with K2 play out on TV and end on social media. How did that make you feel? 
Although I had been engaged to a football player before, this was my very first time in such a public relationship. We fell in love on TV and people fell in love with us falling in love. And so we couldn’t keep our relationship private. The breakup itself was really bad, it felt like a divorce. We had invested in each other so much and loved each so much. And because we fell in love on TV, we had to publicly announce our breakup. We owed it to “the royals”. K2 and I are still good friends, I still care about him and we talk at times. My biggest lesson from that relationship was what love was, I thought I knew what love was until I met him, I loved loving him and I loved how he loved me. He taught how to love with no fear. And I’ve carried these lessons throughout my love.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in the industry?
When I started in the industry, some people who have been in the industry for longer were very “who’s this girl?” and “she’s only going to last for two minutes”. But as time went on I felt more welcomed and they respect my brand, so I don’t really have challenges in the industry now, it was just in the beginning. I’ve been working in the industry as a model for some time, it’s just that now I have more exposure. I wasn’t an overnight sensation so I didn’t feel like I would last two minutes in the industry.

Other than your ambassadorship with Dark and Lovely, Clear Radiance and Boulevard champagne, what else are you working on? 
I had been getting requests to be creative director of photoshoots for magazines, I’ve been working with Vth Season so I’ve been styling their music videos, which is exciting. I’ve also just signed a contract with an online magazine to be their stylist for their covers starting in 2019, so I’m very excited about this because of my love for fashion and transforming people.

What message do you have for your royals?
I’m still humbled by the love and support. Knowing that you have people who support regardless of what happens is everything. I hope they continue to support other people in the industry the way they did me. I also hope what they are doing flourishes. 

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