Boity Shares The Secret To Her Weight Loss

The journey to weight loss hasn't been easy for Boity

By  | Jul 02, 2020, 04:00 PM  | Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo  | Top of The

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Local television personality and rapper Boity had put on a few killos in the last couple of months and even she admits it.

In a recent Instagram post, the star reveals the main reason behind her weight gain and how she overcame it. "One of the biggest reasons behind my crazy weight gain was my horrible diet. "I went overboard, became lazy and then fell into a rut."

In her post. Thulo attributes her recent weight loss to her diet and trainer. "I’ve finally started my weight loss journey with my trainer and @dietdoctorsa and it’s been so fulfilling in ways I didn’t know my soul needed."

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For Boity, working out has never been an issue but eating healthy has been a problem. "Working out has been something I’ve always been able to get back into but a healthy diet has been my greatest challenge."

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The kind-hearted star had come under much scrutiny in recent months for gaining those extra kg's. However, she's made a lot of progress and is almost back to her banging body.

In her defence, a lot of celebs have put on much weight since lockdown began. Queen Sono star  Pearl Thusi also opened up about missing her old banging bod, and honestly, we think these celebs are just being dramatic - we've all put on some weight over the last few months.

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