Bujy Bikwa Is Ready To Apologize To Boity Thulo

This comes after an incident that landed Thulo in a hospital bed

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Radio and TV personality Bujy Bikwa is ready to have a sit down with media personality Boity Thulo and apologize to her. Following an incident that took place almost three years ago which landed Thulo in a hospital bed.

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Three years later Bujy Bikwa is feeling remorseful for what really went down between him and Boity Thulo at Courtyard Hotel, opposite the Mall of Africa in Midrand. Talking to Zimoja Lezinto, Bikwa has revealed how he would love to convey his sincere apologies to Thulo for what transpired that landed Thulo is hospital sheets.

Reportedly, Bikwa had an exchange with Thulo which then escalated to Bujy assaulting Thulo with a champagne bottle on her face. Thulo was subsequently rushed to hospital for medical attention.

"He allegedly attacked Boity with an alcohol bottle at the Courtyard Hotel, opposite the Mall of Africa in Midrand.The bottle cut Boity's face and she was rushed to hospital in an ambulance for medical treatment. After receiving treatment at the local hospital, Boity opened a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm against Bujy. This attack on Boity took place after an argument between the two media personalities" wrote Zimoja Lezinto

Without a doubt, since the incident happened, Bikwa has been isolated and ostracized by a number of personalities, including those closest to Boity Thulo. Bikwa also revealed that absolutely nobody wants to associate with him in the entertainment industry anymore.

"Nobody wants to be associated with me anymore,” said Bujy Bikwa

Bikwa reveals that he has numerous times attempted to get in touch with Thulo. However, with the restraining order against him, things have rather been difficult to see those attempts to fruition. Bikwa admits to have been depressed and currently on depression medication as well as undergoing counselling.

“With the restraining order she has against me, I can’t reach out to her. Most people who know the two of us and can play the role of peacemakers, do not want to intervene. They would rather stay away instead of helping me out. The incident has really affected me badly, I am currently on depression treatment, and undergoing counselling,” added Bujy Bikwa

Currently it is the radio season, where radio stations are hiring and firing but for Bikwa it is a total different ball game. He admits no getting any radio gigs because nobody wants to be associated with him and his brand.

“I have suffered tremendously. financially, emotionally, and personally I am drained. It’s radio season and I can’t even get a job because of the dark cloud hanging over me. But at the same time, I don’t want this phase to dim my talent " said Bujy Bingwa

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