Mixed Emotions Over Somizi Mhlongo Joining The Masked Singers

It appears scores of tweeps have had enough on him on their TV screens

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Mixed emotions over media personality Somizi Mhlongo joining the new detectives panel of The Masked Singers. Recently, Mhlongo has been receiving quite a backlash from every angle on social media for continuously booking jobs.

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While scores of people are excited about The Masked Singers singing show and the new detectives panel. It has become apparent that not everyone share the similar sentiments about media personality, Somizi Mhlongo.

Evidently, a number of people and tweeps at large are at their wits end with Mhlongo on their TV screens. Taking to Twitter, tweeps have collectively joined hands to call out and slam Mhlongo for booking The Masked Singers show.

"I'm tired of seeing Somizi ngl" wrote Mpho Moalamedi
Even when Mhlongo was still a judge of Idols South Africa, viewers were always complaining about him judging a singing competition. As viewers did not believe in his singing abilities that qualified him to judge a singing competition. It appears the same applies here since The Masked Singers is a singing competition, viewers have expressed how much they detest having him on the show.

"Why do people keep asking Somizi his opinion on singing?" wrote Sisa
"Getting singing advice from Somizi, Sjava and Chomee is a choice." wrote Sisa
"Somizi sucks but keeps getting this gigs, I dont get it or maybe it’s coz he sucks" wrote Cynical Man
What is also upsetting a number of people is how Mhlongo keep booking jobs and getting gigs when he is a convicted sex offender. The claims of abuse that were raised by his ex husband Mohale Motaung are still eating on scores of people. And having taken no accountability or shown any remorse, Mhlongo continues to be at the public's wrath.

"I cannot stand watching that abusive convicted sex offender Somizi.. Ugh everytime he comes on my TV, I change the channel. I love the Masked Singer  version.. but I'll be missing this SA one. It's insane how this convicted offender always gets gigs" wrote Sne Khumalo
"So many talented musical people in SA and y'all always giving Somizi airplay. Zonke Lira Zahara Busi Simmy Could have been a great contributors but "No", let's add an alleged abuser/sexual offender and an alleged groomer. Times but congrats on the bag Sana." wrote Zet Ndlovukai
The Masked Singers will be broadcasted on both SABC1 and SABC3.

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