Concerns Are Mounting Over Boity's 'Expensive's' New Hair Range

Tweeps are convinced even this one won't stand for far too long

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Rapper and TV reality star Boitumelo 'Boity' Thulo may not know what hit her as concerns are mounting over Boity's 'expensive' new hair and weave business. Tweeps are certainly not buying to what Boity is selling and they are saying it is only a matter of time before this new business fizzle out.

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She may be in celebratory mood over her new business venture but Boity might be dealt a bad hand from the get go. Tweeps are certainly not jumping for joy over what they have considered as 'overpricing and ridiculously expensive'. Boity's new hair range and weaves are already selling online on her BE YOU online store.

Taking to social media, even social media blogger Musa Khawula shared the news of Boity's BE YOU taking off. Where also tweeps have gravely raised their concerns once they have seen the price tags on her new hair range and weaves.

"Boity launches her own wig range Be You. Boity also says ya'll have been asking her for her own wig range, but did you?" wrote Musa Khawula
"Soze Mina I know directions to dragon city" wrote Fundo Belle
"I saw her ko dragon city... And i know y'all will support her, but does she even give back to community? No.. So manje,? She must leave this business to the hustlers please" wrote Milly R. Rams
Other concerns are coming from Boity other businesses, including her natural hair care line as well as perfumes. Which by the way, a tweep has taken a jab at Boity by posting another retail store that is clearing her perfumes close to nothing.

"What happened to her Natural hair care line…get on TikTok y’all and look for factory supplies for wigs don’t let these people rob y’all" wrote Segoo Lee
"Clicks is clearing her products for almost nothing but I like Moghel spirit she doesn’t give up, she keeps launching new things and non of them ever work …what happened to Boity sliming pills? Maybe the berv is doing well" wrote
"Who is financing Boity? Where does she get all this money to keep starting these businesses that eventually fizzle out? How does she afford all those designer outfits on a presenter salary? Is Anton really her boyfriend? Find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z.." wrote NMM
We wish Boity all the success with her new business venture.

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