Bonang Matheba Biography: The Queen Who Went From Mo'ghel to Mogul

All hail the queen

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Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba is South Africa’s media darling. She is an award-winning media personality and businesswoman. The star is more often than not, the person who promoters and organizers call on when they want their events to be successful.

Here's a look at her biography:

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Bonang Matheba Age 

The superstar was born on the 25th of June 1987. She is known for throwing herself lavish parties during her birthdays. 

Her legendary 30th birthday party in 2017 cost a whopping R500 000. The event took place at, one of Johannesburg’s most exclusive venues- The Summer Place in Hyde Park. 

“It is going to be a big party… .I’ve saved for over two-and-a-half years, so the budget is crazy – it’s like a wedding,” she told S Magazine ahead of the big day. 

During the bash, Bonang hired dancers from the Joburg Ballet Company to perform. She didn't spare any expenses as she looked stunning in local designer Gert-Johan Coetzee's custom-made dress. Precious Thamaga, event planner to the stars, from Precious Celebrations, was the one who helped Queen B throw the spectacular party.


Bonang Matheba Early Life

Bonang who's full name is Bonang Dorothy Matheba, grew up in the North West’s capital city, Mahikeng.  Her parents, Charlotte Mokoena and Andrew Gampi Matheba were her biggest role models while she was growing up.

Her parents have distinguished careers, Andrew Gampi Matheba is a respected professor while her mother, Charlotte Mokoena is currently the Executive Vice-President for HR and Corporate Affairs at Sasol. 

She has two younger half-siblings, model Reabetswe 'Rambi' Sechoaro, and brother Thabo Mokoena.

Bonang's family moved to Johannesburg when she was still a child. She lived in Hillbrow and Soweto’s Pimville community before making it big in the entertainment industry. Bonang’s happy family didn't last as her parents separated. 

“They gave me love and attention. It was a physical separation, but the love they had for each other and me outweighed everything that was happening around me,” she said in the documentary, Six Zeros To My Name.

Bonang Matheba's Career

Bonang is an extremely popular presenter, businesswoman, radio personality, producer, model, and philanthropist. She is a Global Citizen Ambassador and has also been described as a style icon.

Her work ethic has been compared to that of Beyoncé. The stars even share the same nickname, Queen B.

Bonang has won numerous awards since making her TV debut on Manhattan Fantasy Challenge in 2002 at the age of 15.  Her first big break came on SABC 1’s popular music show, Live AMP. Queen B co-hosted the show from 2007 to 2012. 

Bonang has also worked on Afternoon Express, Clash of the Choirs SA, and Presenter Search on 3.

Her other TV appearances include: 
  • InterSEXions 
  • Tropika Island of Treasure 3 
  • 10 Over 10 
  • Glambition 
  • Miss South Africa
  •  BBC World News.

Queen B also had a successful radio career on YFM and Metro FM. 

The road to success is not without drama. Bonang has reportedly had beef with some of her famous peers including Pearl Thusi and Lerato Kganyago.

Over her career, Bonang has amassed some of the most loyal fans on the continent. She has more than eight million followers on all her social media pages combined.

Bonang has won a number of awards including the “Best Inspiration and Influence” award at the Global Social Awards in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2019.

Bonang & The House of BNG

The Queen, the nickname her fans have given her, added another feather to her cap, this time as a champagne connoisseur to her extensive resume with her luxurious beverage brand, The House of BNG.

Bonang introduced fans to The House of BNG when she launched her Brut and Brut Rosé Méthode Cap Classiques (MCCs) champagnes in a swanky and star-studded event attended by the heavyweights of Mzansi's showbiz.
Bonang Matheba at the House of BNG launch in 2019.

the masses, who have had the pleasure to pop the alcoholic beverage's cork have been giving it some good reviews. Bonang became the first black woman to be a member of the Cap Classique Producers Association with her MCCs. This label instilled doubt in many people, questioning whether she can pull it off or not.

"Entering the luxury beverage market has had its challenges of course but through strategic planning with a clear vision and a great team who understood all the logistics, it has proven a success. There are many moving parts, so you have to keep your eye on everything, all the time," she told the publication.

To add to that success, 2020 was going so well for Bonang and she celebrated her beverage being the best-selling MCC at Woolworths. 

Bonang Matheba announced that her two original variants, Brut and Brut Rosé, which both retail for R399 at Woolworths, became the number one selling MCC. This added another accolade to the champagne brand. 

A Very Bonang Year

With much anticipation and bated breath from the fans, Bonang's new show broke the viewership records. Queen B's show broke the record of the number of individuals who tuned in to a SABC show. it absolutely was no surprise, because the show was highly talked about on social media before its debut and after it aired.

“A Very Bonang Year” gave viewers a glance into the media personality's plans for her global expansion and her next steps in her career as she dominates as a businesswoman.

Bonang Matheba's A Very Bonang Year Part 2 has broken records by garnering over 2 million viewers on SABC 1. This was an improvement from the record-breaking part 1 of the reality show which had originally gained approximately 1,86 million viewership.

It was also social media's hot topic because the #AVeryBonangYear hashtag reached an astounding 2.2 billion impressions over the broadcast period at the time.

Bonang Matheba Kids

Queen B let her fans know that her future will include kids. She however noted that at the moment she still wants to focus on her career and her lifestyle that involves plenty of traveling, alcohol and partying.

The entrepreneur and reality TV star went on Instagram Live for an interview with IOL where she talked about the pressures people put on her in terms of marriage and starting a family now that she is in her 30s.

"My life right now I want to party, to enjoy my alcoholic beverages, to go to nightclubs and party. I want to get on an Emirates plane at two o'clock in the morning and not stress anybody," she said.

Bonang said that when she eventually chooses to have kids, her life would completely stop. Even though she wants that to happen she also wants enough money to do so and not be completely dependent on the father of her kids should he lose his income.

Bonang Matheba Forbes Magazine

Bonang has always said that she's a boss. Her cover shoot for Forbes Africa's March issue.  just helped to solidify that she isn't all talk.

The issue featured a list of movers and shakers across the African continent including Ugandan Diplomat and Executive Director of UNAIDS Winnie Byanyima, South African Businesswoman Irene Charnley, and Cameroonian Tech Entrepreneur Rebecca Enoncho.

Bonang Matheba Book 

Bonang Matheba released her best-selling book, From A to B, in 2017. She detailed her journey to stardom within the book and shared some intimate details about her life, including the abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

While she didn't mention her ex’s name within the book, it is widely known that Bonang accused DJ Euphonic of violence during their relationship. He denied the allegations.

Bonang's on-again, off-again friend, Somizi Mhlongo, threatened to sue her over the contents of the book. Bonang claimed in her book that she stopped talking to her BFF after he became friends with her abusive ex. Somizi denied her version of events and didn't waste time sending her a legal letter.

“We confirm sending a letter to Ms. Bonang Matheba’s management regarding the usage of our client’s name in her book. Our client doesn’t have a problem with his name being used in the book as long as the details and information relating to the events are truthful. Our concern at this stage is that this is not the case,” Somizi’s spokesperson Thato Matuka told the Sunday World in 2017.

The former frenemies are back on good terms. Queen B was amongst the guests at Somizi's traditional wedding back in 2019.

Bonang’s book was also mocked by Twitter users. They spotted several errors within the book, including a line that featured her incorrect date of birth. 

Bonang Matheba philanthropy

Bonang has said that she is planning to open a school in Soweto. Her late grandmother, who helped raise her, lived in Soweto and she only has fond memories of the township. Bonang’s no-fee school will reportedly be a community-driven facility with mothers getting a chance to work at the institution.

Queen B heads up The Bonang Matheba Bursary Fund, which aims to give 300 young ladies a chance to pursue their tertiary studies after their high school education. She hopes to get 300 girls through school by 2030. 

Bonang Matheba and AKA

In 2015, Bonang Matheba’s relationship with rapper AKA was the talk of the town. The couple’s romance allegedly started while AKA’s girlfriend, DJ Zinhle, was pregnant with their first child. 

Zinhle accused Bonang and AKA of cheating on her blog, in a post about their break-up. The couple denied the cheating claims and threatened to sue. Neither one ever did, and it soon became clear they indeed were together. 

After months of toying with their fans, AKA and Bonang made their relationship official on Instagram in 2016. Their romance was short-lived, however, as it ended in late 2017.

She has since been matched up with several celebrity men but Bonang remains that she is extremely committed to her career and would appreciate it if everyone would keep her name out of their mouths when it involves to her, AKA and DJ Zinhle.

Bonang Matheba Style

Bonang Matheba’s trendy casual style is admired by women everywhere. Her fashion sense has earned her several awards including a SA Style Award in 2015.  The key to Bonang’s casual style is her expensive taste in shoes. 

The star once admitted to owning over 200 pairs of shoes. South Africa’s media darling is well known for her love of designer brands. She has forked out thousands of Rands on her shoes. One of her most costly purchases was a pair of  Guiseppe Zanotti heels, which cost around R11 000. She owns several shoes from the brand!

“I spend my money on shoes. Have you seen my Instagram? I’m so bad. I’m terrible. I don’t know how many pairs of shoes I have. Maybe 200, 300,” she said on Six Zeroes to My Name

Some of Bonang’s favorite designer brands include Louis Vuitton, Dolce, and Gabbana, Chanel, and Dior.

Bonang Matheba Dresses 

No VIP red carpet event is complete without Bonang Matheba making a grand appearance in one of her many custom-made dresses. Queen B spares no expense when it involves her red carpet looks.

Bonang is known to fly all the way to New York just so that, H.Diddy, could help her get ready for some of her big MC gigs. The stylist has worked with stars like Beyoncé and Angela Simmons. 

Bonang Matheba Car 

Bonang has owned a number of luxury vehicles including several Mercedes Benz cars over the years.  She currently drives around town in a white Mercedes G-Wagon. 

Bonang Matheba House

Bonang Matheba bought her first home at the age of twenty-two. She became a multiple-property owner when she bought her second house at 29. Bonnag has shown off her fabulous homes in different segments on Top Billing.
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Bonang Matheba Net Worth 

Bonang Matheba’s net worth in 2015 was estimated at R7.2 million. Since then Queen B has started several businesses, launched an emoji app called BMoji, released the best-selling book, and bagged several endorsement deals. 

Bonang also has her lingerie line with Woolworths and a T-shirt line with Superbalist. She is believed to come away with as much as R500 000 when she hosts big events.

Bonang also owns a production house called Bonang Matheba Entertainment. The company is responsible for her successful reality show, Being Bonang. 

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