Bonang Matheba Exit Young, Famous And African

Nadia Nakai and Khanyi Mbau may or may not be the reason

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Following mounting concerns over media personality Bonang Matheba joining the cast of Young, Famous and African since her fall out with Nadia Nakai. With just few episodes in onto the newest season currently streaming, Matheba has since exited the show.

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Considering the anticipation from scores of viewers after news that Queen B was joining the diverse cast of Young, Famous & African. It appears all the excitement has been short lived as Bonang Matheba has since left the show after feel ganged up on.

Although her contractually obligations may have been for that short period of time but a handful of people blame the cards she was dealt by other co-stars. Queen B and rapper Nadia Nakai were once friends and already viewers were clutching their pearls for Bonang joining the show to face off her ex friend.

"Bonang must face Nadia and ask her gore “njhani chomi?” net from episode one. Otherwise throw the whole thing away." wrote Mfundo B
By the look of things, everyone's concerns about the two not being able to co-exist in one space turned out to be a reality after how Nadia Nakai treated Bonang Matheba. Media personality Khanyi Mbau and Nadia Nakai made it clear as day that they had no interests in engaging nor being friendly with Bonang.

During her diary session, Mbau called out Bonang for being feared by her friends and that she found it challenging being around people who did not care about all her achievements, social standing and status.

"This is a different space, when you walk into this family 'ey' we are all kings and queens. I think Bonang has walked into a room where everyone here has achieved the most.  But she has never had friends are the same level as her. She has always had people that are below her or adore her, so it is going to be difficult to get into a space like this. Cause here we don't care who you are. Your fault Luis is that you confronted someone that is not used to being confronted by anyone. Even friends, no one can tell her anything and your thing was you were honest with her. And unfortunately you were sitting with her die hards and no one is gonna see where you were coming from." said Khanyi Mbau
Mbau even proceeded to deny having any friendship with Bonang, despite the pair running in the same circles since they were teenagers. However, viewers have since called out Mbau on being intimidated and threatened by any female cast member who joins the show, first season it was Zari and now Bonang Matheba.

"Khanyi Mbau is intimidated by girls that are more powerful than her, at first it was Zari, now Bonang #YoungFamousAndAfrican" wrote Fumani Rikhotso
"Bonang is who Khanyi Mbau thought she would be in life & that's the reason why she's so jealous of her & intimidated whenever she's around. #YoungFamousAfrican" wrote Kat Vontees
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