Bonang Matheba's Influence Questioned Over Social Media Influencers

However, scores of tweeps have come to Queen B's defense

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Social media is abuzz following a robust topic that got scores of tweeps riled up surrounding some of Mzansi’s favourite IT girls. While tweeps where discussing the power of influence and the most influential personalities, Bonang Matheba found herself being dragged in the conversation as her star power gets questioned.

Queen B remains the talk of the town whether she is in the conversation or not. This comes after scores of tweeps have embarked on a robust discussion over the influence of some of Mzansi’s favourite celebrities, influencers as well as creatives. When another tweep posed a question of the biggest influencer in the country.

“Who’s our biggest influencer?” wrote Mihlali G
Bonang Matheba, Mihlali Ndamase and Kay Yarms were the most mentioned names of ladies with the most influence. However, the pitting of these successful women in their respective field turned south when some of their influence was scrutinized, dissected and turned upside down.

The war against social media sensation, YouTuber, and influencer Mihlali Ndamase against Kay Yarms was already waged. When scores of Ndamase's fans came to her defense with claims that she is the biggest influencer of this generation. Kay Yarms fans and followers did not mince their words whilst also claiming that her influence is actually bigger than Ndamase’s.

“But what does Mihlali actually influence you guys to do? Kay yarms will definitely get a product sold ok? wrote Mmakgosi Darling
Media personality and self proclaimed Queen B, Bonang Matheba found her influence being questioned during the robust conversation amongst tweeps. Matheba is not solely an influencer per se. Matheba’s rose to fame commenced a while ago before the influencing industry became a job for scores of today's influencers.

“Bonang Matheba is influential but has never sold out products. Influence is not only about having people buy products” wrote Ms_Hadebe
Queen B’s die hard fans came out guns blazing to protect her honour. Evidently, tweeps are familiar with Matheba's resume which dates back when she was presenting SABC1's music show, Live. Matheba has been a moving train that never stopped along the way. She proceeded to do radio, founded businesses and to date she continues to build her empire.

“Bonang? Bad example babe. My late sis had almost every item from her LEGIT collection and letter passed them down to me . Then Revlon, Distraction... BNG sold out the day it was launched and continues to fly off the shelves 4 years later.” wrote Agnes Angua
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