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Her response is hilarious

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Responding to a Tweet from SA Breaking News about a 25-year-old Malawian woman giving birth to 9 babes, Mo’ghel responded and said that she would scream for 40 days and 40 nights.

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Bonang’s followers have asked have inquired from her about when she intends on having children and she has not singled out that thought but has put it on hold as she wants to focus on her career and enjoying her life right now.
She revealed this in an IG live interview with IOL. "I want to party, to drink alcohol, to go to night clubs, I want to get on an emirates plane at 2 0clock in the morning and not stress anybody.”

Bonang has been focused on her House of BNG brand and doing less work on radio and television.

“I had have to study and learning about the wine industry. Asking questions and collaborating and reading books. You can’t just come through and think you know just because you are Bonang. No,” she revealed in the same interview with IOL

On the topic of Bonang getting back to television, a fan recently asked her if season 3 of Being Bonang will be returning anytime soon and she said that she’s over it and still owed money.

“I'm over it... and they owe me money so, nah!! Maybe....B*dazzled reloaded?”
However, the head of the production company, Barleader TV, which was responsible for bringing the show to viewers, informed The Citizen that money was paid to Queen B’s management and got canned because it was not doing that well.

“The tweet doesn’t refer to my company or anyone specific. All money was paid to her management. For the record, Being Bonang was cancelled because it wasn’t performing. It was the channel that decided not to continue with the reality show.”

We do hope that Bonang will find some time off from her wine business soon as we miss seeing her on our television screens and hearing her voice on the radio. At this point, no one knows well and we not sure if Bonang does either, however, we’re hopeful that when she gets House Of BNG where she wants it to be – she’ll be back.

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Main Picture Credit: Bonang Matheba Instagram Account @Bonang_M
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