The top quotes from Bonang Matheba's #RealTalkOn3 interview

Forget her pinned tweet, Mo'Ghel dropped more gems in her interview 

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The top quotes from Bonang Matheba's #RealTalkOn3 interview

Thanks to Bonang Matheba's appearance on the "revamped" Real Talk on 3, the show has been Twitter's top trending topic for the past few hours - more than anything, it's Matheba's quotes that have kept people talking. 

The interview took the structure of a tribute to Matheba as they had video and audio contributions from Khanyi Dhlomo and Basetsana Kumalo who are among the people she lists as mentors. Some of the other "contributors to Brand Bonang" as she calls them include the likes of Unathi Nkayi, Mel Bala, Lupi Ncgayisa among others. 

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Matheba also spoke about her social media presence, namely how she handles negativity and the stance she has taken about not responding to anything, ever. 

The conversation then moved to the tweet that sparked the #IAmBonang conversation after a Twitter user tried to shame her for the amount of men she has dated thus far. 

Redi Thlabi explains her comments about Bonang's vagina

... to which she simply responded, “I’ve hand 4 boyfriends, so what? I’m 30, it could have been 15.”

Matheba also went on to add, “I never regret anything because at that moment, that’s exactly what I wanted.”

On talking about her past relationships and friendships, she explained why we will never hear her side of the story by saying, “there’s a lot of maturity in discretion and I’ve been raised to respect someone far beyond the connection we had.” 

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With regards to her dating life, Matheba stated that she can date anyone she wants should she want to date anyone but she is not exactly looking at the moment. She does, however, receive DMs, gifts, diamonds, flowers and more from a number of suitors who are looking to be the next man in her life.

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The most interesting part of the interview however was when she was asked about DJ Zinhle and she barely answered. Azania directly asked about whether or not she thinks about Zinhle and what she thinks about her and all she could say is “I think about her and the choices people make" before adding "a lot.. a lot of things” and that’s about it. 

She vowed she will never speak about her personal life...


Bonang Matheba's full Real Talk on 3 interview is now online, watch it below: 

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