Celebrating 25 years of that Bonnie Mbuli magic

Can you believe that Bonnie Mbuli has been in the entertainment industry for more than two decades?

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Bonnie Mbuli

Yes, that’s how long she’s been on our TV screens. And she still looks hotter than ever! Whether she’s acting or presenting a TV show, Bonnie sure knows how to grab our attention.

Bonnie recently shared on Afternoon Express that she’s been in the industry for 25 whopping years. And she’s still at it! Here’s why we love Bonnie…

Remember when she was on Backstage?

There was a time when the South African TV industry was giving us good content. Not that there aren’t great shows now, but back then, all the TV shows were lit. Backstage was one of the many shows that kept us entertained and glued to our screens. Bonnie was one of the stars on the e.tv show and she gave a stellar performance as Zandi.

She uses her influence to educate and empower

Bonnie has been very open about her battle with depression. The mother of two even wrote a book titled “Eyebags & Dimples” where she candidly spoke about this part of her life.

At the beginning of August, Bonnie announced that she’s started a series on her IGTV to address the scourge of depression. Don’t you just love it when celebrities use their influence to change lives?

#HairObsession: Bonnie Mbuli

Her message received great responses from fans, with some even sharing how much her book helped them.

Standing up for important causes

When she’s not on TV or addressing mental health issues, Bonnie supports other meaningful causes. She was one of celebrities who joined the #TotalShutdown march earlier this month.

Thousands of women took to the streets to march against gender-based violence.

“If the police are assaulting women at the #TotalShutdown march, can you imagine what they’re doing at home to their wife’s and children? Wow! South Africa hates its women,” Bonnie wrote on Twitter.

This is just to show love and appreciation to Bonnie, who’s been a great inspiration over the years. Here’s to 25 more years of that Bonnie magic!

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