Bontle Modiselle Breaks The Internet

Bontle is what we call body goals

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Bontle recently showed off her new bod following a year ago and the internet has lost its mind. Check out the snaps before.

One thing about Bontle Modiselle is that the good sis knows how to give her social media followers content when she does post. Whether good or bad, the good sis will provide something to chew on with her content.

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The latest of which was the sultry video of her take on the “Joro” Challenge. “Joro” is one of the current hit songs from Nigerian superstar, Wizkid, or simply Star Boy. Bontle took on the challenge and left her followers shook with her take on the challenge.  

We have all seen the videos of Caribbean women wind their waists with nothing on but a towel to preserve their nether regions, right? Well, Bontle did her own take on the video and let us just say that the comments were flooded with appreciation posts.
Some of her fellow celebrities that approved of the video included her husband, Priddy Ugly, who requested a meeting in the bedroom claiming he wants to “see something.” Then there was a whole lot of women-to-woman love as her fellow celebrities like Moozlie, Tshepi Vundla, Simphiwe Ngema and Thuli Phongolo all took to her comments section to share how floored they were that Bontle could move like that. Some went as far as asking for lessons, so they could use them in their loves too. 

While Bontle’s video might have been sultry and worked towards breaking the internet. What would social media be, especially South African social media, if there was not a comical take even on a video like Bontle’s. One social media user attempted to showcase the difficulty of attempting to do what Bontle did so easily. The video features the fan watching and attempting to recreate the video with disastrous- but hilarious effect.
The video eventually did reach Bontle and being the good sport she is; Bontle not only like the video. But she went on her social media platforms and shared the video. Bontle thanked her for the video with a perfect score rating for the video. She went on to implore her followers to follow the social media user that goes by the name of Khanyisa Patricia. 

Bontle using her platform to uplift and give someone the opportunity to be celebrated was hailed again by her fellow ZAlebs.  A-listers like Lootlove, Ayanda Thabethe and Melanie Bala all took to the comments section to share their hilarious responses to the video. And hopefully, they followed Bontle’s advice and followed the hilarious content creator. 

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