Modiselle Sisters Celebrate Their Father's Heavenly Birthday

Gone but not forgotten

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Candice and Bontle Modiselle penned heartwarming messages to their late father Percy Solomon Modiselle. Bontle said they would have loved to hear his thoughts about the new movie Jiva on Netflix where both she and Candice star.

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She paid tribute to him thanking him for his guidance and protection. Bontle said she is assured that they are on the right path and there is more that is yet to come for them.

She wrote: “Hey Papa 🕊Look at your girls. Re bana ba Percy Solomon Modiselle! It’s crazy but amazing what our lives have become, isn’t it? We would’ve loved to hear what you thought about @jivanetflixtv but one thing’s for sure, you must be so incredibly proud. 

“Thank you for your guidance, protection, for the fights you put up for us and your abundant love from the other side for all 4 of us, including mama le @refilwemodiselle. Ba ha Mphuthi le ba ha Modiselle - Relebogile 🙏🏽! We’ve all surrendered ourselves to God’s will so we know there’s still a lot more to do…but this is the greatest assurance that we’re on the right path. Let the marathon continue…🥺”

Commenting on her sister’s post, actress Candice Modiselle said they are blessed to have him guiding and protecting them.

“The fact that I’m only seeing this now makes it all the more meaningful considering today is Dad’s birthday🕊♥️ We are so blessed to have him continue to guide our steps and protect us along the way. Man, we really do have the greatest agent, managing all our life’s purpose bookings 😂

“I love you girlie. @refilwemodiselle I love you girlie!! If mom is reading this from her ghost account, I love you, mom!! ♥️Happy Heavenly Birthday Dad♥️♥️♥️”
The former Generations: The Legacy star recently opened her first online store.

Sharing the exciting news on Instagram, she wrote: “Introducing the newest love of my life- @sellejewellery. A line of fun fashion jewellery made accessible COMING SOON!! For more information, please click on the link in my bio. Logo designed by this incredible young talent Thank you so much King!!”

Bontle also took to her Instagram to congratulate her baby sister on her achievement. 

“You started working on this ever so quietly, where no one knew, including myself - and I know everything about you lol. By the time you told me what you were creating, hours of work, planning, and prayer had already happened. Since that moment, I haven’t stopped being excited for you. ‘Jewellery Business Owner’ sounds so good on you.

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