Brenda Fassie's legend lives on

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MaBrrr, as her fans call her, died 11 years ago on May 9, but her music continues to inspire.

She was often labelled the Madonna of the township, but Brenda Fassie was a legend in her own right.

No wedding is complete without Brenda’s popular track, Vulindlela, which means 'open the gates'. 

It certainly opens up the dance floor, and no matter how old you are, you can’t help but get down to the song. 

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But Vulindlela is just one of MaBrrr’s famous songs.

With more than 130 songs, we had a tough time choosing our favourites! 

But here goes…

Too Late for Mama

Ma Brrr’s album, Too late for Mama, was released in 1989 and achieved platinum status. Producer Sello “Chicco” Twala worked with Brenda on the album, and was credited with helping the album become a huge hit. The song tells the story of a woman who was struck by lightning on her way to fetch water. 

Black President

Brenda Fassie released her album Black President in 1990. The album’s title track was a tribute to struggle hero, Nelson Mandela, who was released from prison that year. The lyrics include: “We thank You Lord, for listening to our prayers...I will die for my president, I will sing for my president.” 

Ag Shame Lovey

The catchy tune was a hit with young fans. “Every kid on earth would love to be a superstar,” Brenda sang on the track. The video featured a number of children and helped create a dance craze. 


Vulindlela was a major hit for Brenda and was off her 1998 album, Memeza. The track helped the album become a huge success, with Brenda winning the bestselling release of the year award at the South African Music Awards. 

Weekend Special

Weekend Special was Brenda Fassie’s official introduction to the world. The 1983 track also got airplay internationally. The song sold more than 200,000 copies. 

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