Buhle Samuels shows off her bikini bod’

We hardly see Buhle Samuels in a bikini but that's all clearly changed. 

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Buhle Samuels who has been admired for her beautiful physique hardly shies away from giving us a glimpse of her gorgeous summer body.

The actress who is clearly enjoying some downtime recently shared a few bikini snaps from her vacation and we can’t help but admire what we’re seeing.

Buhle bikini1

Those curves! Now we know who has been putting in the work at the gym during winter.


On another note, it seems like Buhle has scored herself a nice endorsement deal with liquid liner designs. If so, they did the right thing by choosing Buhle, she's all of that and a bag of chips.

Buhle samuels

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@BuhleSamuels