Busiswa Slams Abusers And Apologists

She encourages women who are in abusive relationships to leave

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Busiswa Gqulu has always remained vocal about Gender Based Violence that she even laid out her whole story and experience about it. She recently took to Twitter to remind women of how vile social media can be especially on issues concerning abuse and how to combat it.

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The SBWL hitmaker took to Twitter to call out peeps who condone violence against women and children. She specifically targeted men who are abuse apologists in the cyber space. Those men who continuously nullify women who come out with their stories and experiences about abuse and rape. These men often abuse the women as well and resort to name calling.

The latest incident being that of Nampree who was bullied by DJ Euphonik and DJ Fresh supporters, who were mostly men. They called her using the number which was exposed by Euphonik and abused her.

Busiswa encouraged victims to always walk away from situations which might lead to their lives getting taken away from them.

"One thing about my brothers on this app, they will DEFEND, JUSTIFY & NULLIFY ABUSE. YEYIII! If you’re in abusive relationship, I know it may feel like you’re on your own & have nowhere to go but please SPEAK UP & WALK AWAY. It’s not worth your life or Joy. You deserve JOY too!"
Busiswa has decided to tell her side of the story in a form of an album. She first did a very candid IG story where she opens up about being in abusive relationships with Sfiso Mazibuko and the father of her child Katlego Mlangeni.

"In the years between 2013 and 2019, I was in, not one but two abusive relationships.
The first was with Sfiso Mazibuko who abused me physically, psychologically and emotionally. The second was with Katlego Mlangeni, who is the father of my child. He abused me physically, emotionally, financially, not only while we were in a relationship but he came after me four months after our break up to beat me up once again after seeing me out with someone else.

"I'm making this video to talk about gender-based violence but also, to talk to women and girls who have or may ever find themselves in those situations." She continued. "When I first got hit by a man, my first thoughts were not anger but pitty. I was in love and I thought the person that I was in love with was going through some things and I felt I needed to help them get through those things."

For International Women's Day, Busiswa reminded Queens of this world to always speak their truths and celebrate one another, "Happy #internationalwomensday Dear Queens. Celebrate yourself for all the times you speak your truth, raise the nations & warm the world with your smile."

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