Candice Modiselle on joining the Generations cast

The young YoTV presenter is entering the next chapter of what will hopefully be an illustrious career 

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Candice Modiselle joins Generations

The first thing you see when you look at Candice is her striking resemblance to her older sisters, Bontle and Refilwe Modiselle, but beauty and blood aren't the only ties that bind the Modiselle sisters.  

Bontle Appreciation Day. Happy Birthday to half of me, @bontle.modiselle❤❤❤ 26 has never looked so stunning.

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Talented siblings who find and master their niches are so rare that it is worth celebrating every time we come across a trio such as the Modiselle sisters. 

As the oldest, Refilwe, was the first to make a breakthrough as a model, making strides as one of the earliest South African models with albinism before going into acting and presenting. 

She was swiftly followed by Bontle who has been dancing for years but later made the transition into acting (she played the lead female role of Khanyi in the 2015 film 'Hear Me Move!') and presenting as well. 

And now it's Candice's turn to join them in the spotlight. We missed this shout out that Refilwe sent early yesterday...

...but we recognized Candice as soon as the camera landed on her during last night's episode of Generations. She then confirmed the news with the following tweet. 

It wasn't long before the congratulations started streaming in and it seems as though the young star has a large support base. 

We reached out to Candice to chat about her role, what it means for her career and what it means to her personally. 

"To say that I'm graduating this year, not only as a YOTV presenter, but an actress on a national soapie many only dream of being on, 'Generations: The Legacy' is so surreal," she said. 

Like most South Africans, watching Generations has always been and still is a ritual in the Modiselle home according to Candice.

"Today, forming part of that very ritual, is nothing shy of a blessing and an honour. It has presented its challenges, yes, but this is an incredible platform which I believe will open so many more doors for me to grow in this industry. I'm grateful," she added.

Speaking of graduating, the new role is the icing on the cake of what seemed like a good 2016 for Candice. Not only was she unveiled as part of the line-up of a new generation of YoTV presenters in early 2016, but she graduated from Wits University where she was studying towards a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Dramatic Arts.

Speaking to Sowetan early last year, Modiselle says she doesn't want people to get the misconception that she's had it easy seeing as her sisters made it before she did. Which speaks to an aspect of 'Open Up the Industry' that people rarely ever talk about. A break doesn't always come on the first try, it takes years of behind the scenes work that people never hear about. 

Congratulations on the well deserved payoff to the hard work you've put in Candice. We'll be watching. 

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