Cassper Comes To Master KG's Defence!

The hitmaker was called a groupe

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Cassper Nyovest has come out to defend Master KG as he is currently enjoying his shine on a global scale.

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After getting his recognition from famous celebrities Christiano Ronaldo and Janet Jackson, Master KG could not believe it and she showed his excitement on Twitter.

In disbelief he thanked Janet Jackson and Christiano Ronaldo and judging by his usage of emojis, he was left speechless.

"I remember telling my friends weeks ago that my wish is to see @Cristiano playing Jerusalema and today he posted it. Cristiano's wife just posted the video too the love is real and we appreciate It," he wrote.

Despite people congratulating him on yet another achievement, there were a few negative comments however the one that caught Cassper's attention was a comment by a tweep who called Master KG a groupie.

"Master KG acting like a groupie to these international Celebs," said the tweep.

Cassper came to his defense and wrote, "First of all, WE ALL don't know how it feels like to have your song posted by Janet Jackson and Cristiano Rolando. Can we let the man enjoy his moment without having to deal with criticism on how to show gratitude. Let people enjoy their moments cause you don't know what it took!"

Cassper has dedicated to being Master KG's big brother by advising him on certain things about the industry seeing the amount of knowledge he has.

Master KG has been on a quest to gain a larger Twitter following and getting his account verified. Cassper got dragged for advising him to not beg for verification as he already is a legend.

"Twitter please verify me I have been trying," Master KG wrote. "You don’t need none of that s*** man!!! You’re a legend!!!" he tweeted.

Master KG is already on his way to leaving his international footprint, one step at a time.

Speaking to TimesLIVE, Master KG said “There were a lot of international record labels that wanted to take care of my career for me going forward. I chose Elektra France because they understand the music that I’m doing.

“Most of their artists are doing house music – David Guetta is also under them – so they understand dance music. I partnered with them to push my career to the next level,” he said.

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