Cassper Gets Another US Shout Out

Cassper Nyovest's stock is at an all time high

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Cassper Nyovest has firmly cemented his position as one of Mzansi's hottest properties in music and he just reminded us that he is not only recognised here at home, but across borders, oceans and even continents too.

Just weeks after being name-dropped on American radio, Cassper recently found himself at the heart of another international discussion. This time, it was legendary rapper Talib Kweli who paid homage to Mufasa's legendary impact in South African music and once Cassper caught wind of this, he couldn't help but gloat on the timeline.

Cassper took to Twitter to share the good news where he wrote:

"I read a tweet where the legendary Talib Kweli was having an exchange of words with a follower and his sentence contained the phrase "a great rapper named Cassper Nyovest". Bro, do you even understand ? One of my idols, back in maftown with nothing dreams, addresses me as , Wtf?"

We did some digging and it didn't take long for us to find the tweet which Cassper was referring to. The rapper was embroiled in a heated argument about the phrase "suck my d***" and its etymology in hip hop ( The things people argue about on Twitter. Anyways...) and when a tweep screenshotted a lyric, the rapper commented by name-dropping Cassper Nyovest and said:

It seems as if Cassper is slowly-but-surely gathering a strong database of high profile fans in the States. Just a few weeks ago it was Swizz Beatz and Charlamagne Tha God who were paying him respect and we don't think it's going to end with this current mention.

Despite the high profile mentions he's receiving, Cassper is still upset about the number of subliminal mentions he continues to receive on these streets. After having his buzz killed (no doubt by his rival, who mentioned him on the TL during the weekend), Nyovest hit back by saying,

"Some sh** disappointing sometimes , like subliminals and rumors but bro, we changed the game forever and i can now see that shit clearly."

Do you think that Cassper needs to stop paying attention to his rivals and focus more on his success?

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