Cassper's Emotional Tribute To Riky Rick

"I'm not ready to let you go"

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When the terrible news of Riky Rick's suicide made healines, many people said the first person they thought of was his old friend Cassper Nyovest. Cassper logged on social media, changed his profile picture to Riky Rick, and then left. Only a few hours later did he log in to post a video of Riky singing one of his songs.

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Riky's death by suicide was one that touched many people. Tributes have been pouring in from people who share nothing but good memories with the late rapper, turned Amapiano star.

One of the people fans wanted to hear from was Cassper Nyovest because they were thick as thieves back when they were friends. It's no secret that they stopped being friends because of issues nobody wants to speak about, but the love was still there.

How can you forget someone who dyed their head for you just because your project went gold? It just could not make any sense and Cassper is probably devastated where he is.

Cassper mentioned how he is not ready to let Riky Go, in a touching post throwing it back to the moment they ended getting interviewed together. Cassper said he is not ready to let Riky Rick go.

"This is probably my favorite picture of us... I don't remember what he said in this interview but I know he was showing love like he always would. I'm not ready to let go yet , it's all still I shock but what I shared with this man was real and we both knew it. My brother! To be continued...."

In the post, Cassper mentioned how he is not a person who likes men touching him from the back especially, but when he heard Riky's voice, he let his guard down. Although he received flack for it with Mohale regarding it as homophobic, he showed how comfortable he is with Riky.

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On his last interview with Banques and Venom show he touched on his failed friendship with the late Riky Rick and how he never thought they would get to that point of never speaking with each other. He considered him a brother who was there when he started out in the industry.

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“The Riky one is very sad because that is my brother. It hurts because I never thought there’d be a day when I don’t speak to Riky. This is what hurts more – I never thought there’d be a day when I don’t want to speak to Riky.” He continued.

But he said he did not want to resolve any of their issues but was hopeful that when they do, it would be as parents to their kids, but not as friends.

“You could be angry and whatever, but I genuinely don’t want to talk to him. I don’t want to solve it. Right now it’s where I am. I don’t think that it’s damaged forever. You know maybe one day I’ll be at Milton college and Mikey will be taking a certificate there and Khotso is there and I happen to be sitting next to RIKY. Maybe one day we’ll connect on a different level. Not as artists but as parents. And maybe that’ll happen. But as Mauthi fela I think it was destroyed for like nothing.”

The reason for their beef was because of their egos got in the way, ”It definitely Is an ego thing because there is no issue. I don’t think he has an issue as well. It’s just like our egos.”

He also spoke about the time he bought his very first Bentley and the advise Riky gave him, “I got into the rat race and buying things because of major league and Riky. I remember Riky when I bought my first Bentley and we had a conversation in the jet. And then Riky says to me – your car is dope but we need to go for the latest one.” Said Khotso’s father in part.

The hosts then ask him what is his fondest memory of Riky and he said Riky was always there for him and had his back. He remembered when he was beefing with this rapper, Riky would confront the man but before he could speak, he got clapped very hard.

Riky Rick also once touched on their friendship with Cassper after he released his album To Whom It May Concern.

"EISH, funny thing we’ve spoken privately so dunno where that “explanation” of what happened came from. Ill keep reaching out to him, but I'm also getting tired of my name coming up when I relaxing nicely minding my business. Its like y'all want me to put the full story on wax."

"Sibadala. Anyone who wants to solve an issue can solve it with one phone call or meeting. I get he wanted to get it off his chest. Shap, we heard you. But are you gonna offer any solutions, are you gonna actually pull up and talk like men are supposed to? My number the same," he advised.

Watch Cassper's interview on Banques And Venom here.

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