Cassper Bonds With Khotso In An Adorable Snap

They were having a father-son moment

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Cassper Nyovest has decided to add a bit of adorableness into our timelines recently when he showed off his baby boy Khutso. However like many other celebrities showing off a newborn baby's face is somewhat taboo so they resort to just giving fans a snippet of what their baby might look like.

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The last time Cassper shared a snap of his son was when they were celebrating Christmas as a family with his baby mama Thobeka Majozi.

Their bouncing baby boy who was born last year is named after Cassperโ€™s late brother Khotso in September.

Recently Cassper then excited a few of his followers by sharing a snap of the two of them bonding in bed, with Khotso fighting for his phone. "My son is already #TeamSamsung. He is always fighting for my phone. Only difference is, he thinks it's food."

Nyovest has expressed the overwhelming joy of fatherhood countless times on social media and has sworn to prioritize his paternal role and of course, being the most amazing partner to his baby mama.

The rapper is more focused on his son now and a small part of it should be owed to the cancelled fight between he and his nemesis AKA. The most anticipated fight was set to shut both the rapper's mouth forever and hopefully for their beef to die down.

Announcing that the fight is over, Cassper took to Twitter to say he would have taught AKA a lesson and inflict pain. When an AKA fan said the Super Mega would whoop his ass, Cassper held nothing back.

"I hate that this fight isn't happening anymore cause imma have to deal with people like you forever. I wanted to shut your mouths. There was absolutely no way your guy was gonna win. I'm a bad man in that ring. The only guys who would beat me are guys who box for a living not for fun."

He even went on to explain why the fight is no longer happening, "We couldn't come to an agreement with the business. Too many chefs and Egos at play, I got bored. I am very disappointed cause that woulda been a great piece entertainment!!! It's a good thing for him doe, I woulda hurt him very badly. Trust me!!!"

The fight being over does not mean they are not beefing though and Cass claims that he would walk away should AKA starts one in public, "I'm gonna walk away and protect my brand like I always do. I will only fight in a boxing ring cause it's a legal sport. I don't want no bad record on my name, I have worked too hard to mess it all up with brawls in the street. If you wanna see me, let's meet in the ring and box."

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