Celebs give tips on how to make it in the industry

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Top of The

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The entertainment industry is not just about big lights and fame. It takes a lot of hard work to get in and stay relevant. It seems like some people just don't get it and that's why DJ Zinhle felt the need to educate the masses, especially females, through her Pink Revolution Conference which recently took place.

Some of our favourite SA entertainers were invited to share their wisdom with several ladies who would like to know more about the entertainment industry.

V Entertainment interviewed some celebs and asked them to advise those who'd like to crack it into this cut-throat industry. Rapper Slikour believes that you need to have a plan. He explained: "You also need to build a skill to see through people." He added that you must always love what you do.

Hip hop DJ Miss Cosmo talked about how hard work, perseverance and making sure that you have the right contacts will get you far. While Zakes Bantwini made it clear that the industry is not about weaves, manicures and pedicures. He said on the show: "This industry is not about the glitz and glam, what you see on TV is only three percent of what's going on in this industry."

And, for those looking for longevity, take some notes from house music legend Vinny Da Vinci, who's been killing the game for years.  He said: "My personal advice to anybody that wants to come into this industry is have a positive outlook on things and also, education is very important, so go to school."

For the shy ones, here some advice from DJ Zinhle: "Find your strengths and start working on those. You must understand what the industry is doing. Know the industry." 

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