Celebs We Want To See Make A Come Back In 2021

They did their time…

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1.     Katelgo Maboe 

To say it's been a rough period for Katlego Maboe would be an understatement: following THAT video exposing his cheating ways, his wife Monique Muller then accused him of being abusive and giving her an STI. This, of course, affected several bags, as gig after gig severed ties with him, most notably OUTsurance and Expresso, the show he was a host on.

While many applauded the insurer's decision to get rid of him as a brand ambassador, others felt it was unfair. So unfair, in fact, that fans started a Change.org petition titled 'Bring Back Katlego Maboe', which threatens to boycott OUTsurance if their demand isn't met. The month-old petition's goal is to reach 75,000 signatures. And guess what? It's almost there – it currently has almost 69,000 signatures! Wild.

2.     Hungani Ndlovu 

Monday night 7 December 2020, marked the last episode for Romeo Modupe on eTV's flagship show Scandal.  The character was played by the incredibly talented actor Hungani Ndlovu. His legions of fans were constantly left in awe of his acting range on the show. The manner in which he delivered his artistry, has definitely catapulted him to a rare seat at the table, within the realm of acting. Hungani became a household name on the show with a legion of fans. When the rumor mill had it that he might be exiting the hit soapie, many were hoping that it wasn't true. However, as many watched in total disbelief, it became clear, that the journey of more than 4 years, of all things pertaining to Romeo, has definitely come to a draw.
Avid watches of the show were left shooketh to the core on Monday evening when Romeo's life was cut short by a hitman paid by his mother in law. Viewers took to Twitter to express their disappointments and some even threatened to boycott the show. Many claimed they will never watch again if they do not bring back Romeo. "Ahhh bye my beloved Scandal, now you guys want me to find another favourite. There isn't even a match for Romeo" wrote @@gloriabman. 

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