Celeste Ntuli found it difficult to play her character on Isibaya

Celeste Ntuli aka Siphokazi Zungu on Isibaya found it difficult to portray her character.

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One of South Africa's most hilarious comedian's, Celeste Ntuli who also acts on Isibaya shared how portraying the character of Siphokazi Zungu was difficult and a foreign concept to her, considering that her character is involved in a polygamist marriage.

Speaking to Azania on 702, Celeste shared how the character was actually a challenging one to portray.

"I was out of my comfort zone when I played the character of Siphokazi because I've never been married, I don't understand what you mean, now I have to portray something I truly don't believe in (referring to polygamy)."

Siphokazi credited her rural background in helping her play the character and understand women who are married into polygamy.

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"I think I drew a lot in being from the rural areas, that helped me a lot because I know those women and the nice thing is that I got to now empathize with these women and just know that at some level some of the things they did I may have not understood in a deeper way. I mean why would a woman choose this? (polygamy)  But I think sometimes we take it for granted when we say a woman's heart is like an ocean, sometimes people get into relationships to fix a specific part of their lives the other 80% may not be what they wanted, but this was important to fill thats space and that's how I got to understand Siphokazi's life. 

She doesn't have kids, she could've left if she wanted to, there's nothing really that was holding her back but being married to that family defines her and it controls her craziness, you can tell that she was born at the wrong time and wrong place, she has hope of seeing something new and she can be brilliant at it, but she's comfortable with this because this she does well and she's such a giver of love. 

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So her character made me understand polygmy and that there are some people who are just born mothers and really do not have to have kids to be mothers." Said Celeste.

Whoever thought Celeste had difficulties portraying her character, she does it so well.

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