Charity Sehlohole living happily ever after in the UK

From playing a twin on Generations to becoming a mother of twins

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Charity Sehlohole

Remember Thomas and Thandeka from the previous Generations, Kenneth Mashabas twin children? The woman who played Thandeka Mashaba, is all grown up and this is what she has been up to since we last saw her on TV.

Charity Sehlohole

Many of us might only remember her from her role on Generations, but Charity Sehlohole Fernandes has been acting since she was 18. She's been on Zone 14, Jacobs Cross, Mzansi and even Yizo Yizo.

Charity has been on the down low since her secret daughter came to the spotlight. According to a source that spoke to Daily Sun, about Ayanda Charity's "secret daughter" who [if you ask us] looks exactly like her mother.

 The source told the publication that they found it strange that Charity didn't once mention her daughter during her prime years and that it's strange how she'd let the girl get raised by her fathers family. The source also went on to say that Ayanda, doesn't care how the media makes her mother out to be, she has a great relationship with her and though she was raised by her father's side of the family, she has always had a relationship with her mother and that they get along just fine.

Charity Sehlohole

We don't blame her for going into hiding because it seems as if back in her days of stardom, her life was always full of drama. She was allegedly once arrested in a restaurant for paying her bill with fake notes and when she couldn't pay them back for her meal, they called the police on her and she was arrested.  It was also alleged that Mfundi Vundla paid for her bail, even though till this day, he denies it. It's also been reported that she knocked over an old lady in the UK breaking her leg and ribs.

All the drama aside, Charity seems really happy with her new family and home in the UK where she currently resides. She is a married to a Portuguese man who works in the corporate world in the UK and they have twin sons together. It's unclear what exactly she does for a living apart from studying music and drama, she sure does seem happy.

Charity Sehlohole
Charity Sehlohole

That London glow must be rubbing off on her because she looks really good, even with her short hair.

Charity Sehlohole

We love that even though she's far from us, she never forgets where home is and surprisingly, she is very much aware of everything that has been happening in the country.

Oh, by the way,

did you know that her on-screen twin brother "Thomas Mashaba" recently got married?


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