Cici On Challenges She Faced After Childbirth

" I try not to be as hard on myself"

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Songstress Busisiwe Thwala popularly known as Cici has recently taken to Instagram to open up about the challenges that she faced after giving birth.

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She said she resented her husband because she had to do all the hard work after the pregnancy.

She wrote: "After having a baby it’s so tough to wake up in a different body than the one you use to have. For a Lil while I resented hubby because I had to do all the hard work after “WE” had a baby..."

Cici added that she tries not to be too hard on herself while dealing with all the changes brought by motherhood.

"I’m bad at sticking to a diet almost consistent with gym...Just almost. I’m not there yet... And I try not to be as hard on myself... The sagging skin, Stretch mark, oh and the saggy boobs... But nonetheless, it’s nice there by Motherhood. Thank you to my personal trainer," she said.

Other celebrities such as Linda Mtoba, Pearl Modiadie, and Simphiwe Ngema just to mention a few have also spoken out about challenges they faced after giving birth.

A few days ago, The River star Linda Mtoba penned a heartwarming poem about Her Post-Partum Journey.

Linda said it took her some time to get used to the changes, she said she worked hard for her body and to love herself again.

Her poem reads: "I remember touching you and feeling a stranger,
In the darkness, I’d hold you hoping you’d feel familiar.
I'd runs my fingers down you and try to find traces of you, the old you but this was new.
You weren’t there, I wasn’t there.
So I took the time and reintroduced myself tried to get reacquainted with this stranger my soul inhabits.

So bruised, so stretched. So not me.
It took a while but soon I could bare looking at her with the lights on.
The grooves of her body started to feel familiar.
My touch to her skin didn’t feel like strangers meeting.

My reflection in the mirror became a familiar greeting.
Where she smiled at me and I saw me.
This body, my body, was a stranger.
We worked hard to get to know each other again.
We worked even harder to love me again.

I found her, deep within the layers of my skin, I found her.
I’m happy to be with her again, though bruised and scarred she remains."

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