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Clement on the cruel Entertainment Industry

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Skeem Saam actor Clement Maosa wants to protect the rights of the artist. He revealed his plans during his interview with Massive Metro.

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Clement said as soon as he gets admitted as an advocate, he is going to major in Entertainment Law. He also added that his plans include opening a law firm where artists can get help.

He said: “Soon when I get my admission as an Advocate, I want to major in entertainment law and represent artists and their rights, particularly musicians...entertainers play a vital role in our society but they are often neglected, exploited, and not valued."

He said many artists are being ripped off and do not understand several things especially when it comes to contracts.

“I came to Joburg and started attending auditions and I realized that my LLB degree is helping me a lot especially when I have to negotiate contracts, I am very familiar with law and glosses and also to help others, you will be shocked that there are so many artists who are being ripped off and they are like "dude you don’t understand that this is a booklet of so many rules and regulations" and whatever so it’s helping me a lot and eventually I want to open a firm.”

Speaking about why he ended up studying law, he said he studied law because his parents forced him to, he said he always wanted to be an actor but his parents told him he can only be a Lawyer or a Doctor.

Growing up, when they realize that you are smart, they tell you you gonna be a lawyer or a doctor because those were the most common professions…and I ended up going to study law because when I was in matric I told My parents that I wanted to be an actor and go study media at Wits or the University of Cape Town and study film and production and they said to me no you are going to be a Lawyer or a Doctor, otherwise we are not going to pay for your fees,”  said Clement.
Clement has previously spoken up about his struggles growing up, on his lengthy post on Instagram he thanked his grandparents for the sacrifices they’ve made for him and his siblings.

“This is just to inspire an African child to never give up but also to appreciate our grandparents/parents who sacrifice a lot for us to get educated and have a brighter future. I now know no impossibility because I broke down so many barriers and defied the odds. I know and appreciate who I am and where I come from because where I’m going is inspired by where I am from,” he wrote.

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