Connie Ferguson Gushes Over Her Family

She shows gratitude towards the unwavering support she's been receiving

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Actress and media mogul Connie Ferguson has taken to her Instagram account to to share an appreciation message with her family and the public at large, for the outpouring of love and support she's been receiving since the passing of her late husband Shona Ferguson.

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It's been 3 months now since the award-winning actor passed away and Connie continues to document her mourning process on social media and how she deals with the untimely loss.

In a post she gushed about her family's support and said it has comforted her during the period of grief. She also expressed her gratitude to the public.

"Thank you Lord for my daughters @sediimatsunyane @ali.ferguson, my sister @astoshiah , my God given son @axeldiamond_ and my precious grandson #Ronewa , who pray with and for me daily, who hold me down and continue to give me purpose. Thank you for friends, family colleagues and strangers alike, who have been angels on earth praying for me and my family, motivating and encouraging me, reassuring me that it is well, that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Thank you for the Holy Spirit who continues to minister to us daily. Thank you for your son who took the cross so we may be saved. Thank you that you are God almighty, for your love, your mercy and your grace! In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we praise you, give you glory and exalt you above all others. AMEN." HAPPY NEW MONTH,"
she captioned her post.
Shona died on 30 July 2021 due to COVID-19 related complications at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg. As it marked 3 months since he passed away on Sunday, his daughter Alicia Ferguson remembered him.

She posted a picture of herself with her parents and captioned it 'My pillars."

Shona recently bagged an award at the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards (HAPA) 2021. He was nominated for the Best Lead Drama Series. Taking to her Instagram account to celebrate this achievement.

Connie penned a heartfelt message saying she had always told him that he his craft was underrated in Mzansi.

"My dear husband, I always told you that you were my favorite actor to work with, and probably one of the most underrated in this country! Your talent was beyond! How you committed to each character you portrayed always left me in awe!"

She said her husband's legacy will live on and congratulated him on his big recognition. She wrote: "You will never be forgotten! EVER! I have always been proud of you, and you continue to make us proud beyond the grave!🤍🕊 God is good. Bravo Mr. Sho! Bravo!"

The actress has been expressing her gratitude to God for blessing her with such a wonderful man. She recalled the day, the two of them first met.

“I have been loved. By God. More than I even thought was possible. Because God sent me an angel at a time when I think I had given up on love. And, my biggest mission in life was to see my daughter grow. Lesedi was eight years old at the time.

One evening. Very unexpectedly, very unannounced, an angel walked into my house. I was introduced to this angel by his laughter. I was all the way down the passage in my bedroom. And I just heard this laughter coming from my kitchen. I wasn’t expecting any guests. I was expecting my sister. She lived with me and Lesedi at the time.”

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