A Fergusons Reality Show?

Yes please!

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There's never a dull moment in the Fergusons household and their videos always bring a smile to our faces. Their latest video suggests that there could be a reality show which lets us in on the power couples home. It's about time really!

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The video sees Shona getting called out by his wife Connie for disrespecting her in full view of everyone.

Connie was going through her hubby's phone which she then tells one of her girl's that "your dad does not recognise me."

In a turn of events, an angry Connie goes to their bedroom and calls everyone "idiots" for allowing Shona to say he does not argue with his wife.

It's all fun and games, but Shona is very much respectful of his wife and recently encouraged men to do right by women.

"Pray for women, respect women, love women, praise women, support women, listen to women, listen to women, encourage women, and lastly give your woman full access to your bank account. Yes, that last one is just as important. She deserves and more. Mxm let's see you carry a baby 9 months," he wrote.

All this drama is enough for a whole realty series don't you think?

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