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Wednesday is arguably the most bitter-sweet day of the week. Bitter, because there are still two days to go until the weekend but sweet because nights like tomorrow make that wait a little shorter. I'm going to be making my way to this year's edition of Boiler Room, an event that has been described as "A tour of Johannesburg's deep rooted electronic music scene". The lineup is alone to make you drool, with the likes of Black Coffee, Black Motion, Culoe De Song and several more of South Africa's biggest DJs all ready to make us dance. 

I got to speak to one half of the popular house duo, Black Motion, ahead of tomorrow night's performance just to find out a little more on the set they were preparing, what they thought I could look forward to and why Boiler Room is one of their biggest events ever. 

"Boiler Room is going to be crazy! We're actually shocked when we found out that we're going to be one of the few artists selected to be performing at this year's Boiler Room. It's a big event and it's a big deal.

Boiler Room is well known around the world and across the Internet too. It's going to help us a lot and we'll be able to play for a lot of people who don't know about us. We're very excited to be sharing the stage with the people who have the most influence in our genre as well as our industry as a whole."

I was speaking to Thabo, who, honestly, sounded more excited for the show than I am! We chatted about the atmosphere that one can expect at Boiler Room as well as the kind of set that they will be preparing.

"You can expect a new experience in terms of our music and the way that we'll be showcasing our material. We'll be experimenting with new sounds, as well as trying some different things with our vocal arrangement too."

And just before we signed off, we talked about the venue as well. 

"The venue is going to be in downtown Johannesburg, where the arts and the spirit of art really shows itself. Everybody is going to know where it's going down tomorrow night because it really is a once in a life time opportunity. If you can't be there, you can still follow us on our social networks and catch up with as much of the action as possible"

Black Motion were nominated in several categories at the recent Metro FM Music Awards and a month ago they celebrated achieving Gold status for their latest album, Fortune Teller. The boys are on a roll and I, for one, cannot wait to see them in action on Thursday at Boiler Room.



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