#DateMyFamily: A stolen kiss on a first date

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We totally loved this week’s bachelor because he was smart, articulate, and his sense of fashion is on the edge. We’re still wondering why this Thato Mohuba has remained single for almost two years. It’s still unbelievable that all these people with so much great potential resort to a TV show to find love? It really is rough out here.

As the dating show dictates, the young man shared a meal with three different families. Thato shared his first meal with Karabo’s childish friends. The problem with having these born frees on such programs is that they are prone to say childish things.

Karabo’s friends were concerned whether Thato could drive and if he has a car of his own, and chances are they most probably can’t even start a car. These kids were delirious, we bet they don’t even know what a K53 is?

Fortunately for Thato, Amanda’s family was more mature, and since they own a catering company, their food looked really divine. Even though Amanda wasn’t picked for the date, we loved her family - they were a cool bunch and knew what to say and not to say. These are people you would want to bring on TV to represent you. We hope Amanda will eventually find someone to share her life with her.

We agree this might sound a bit vain, but when we saw Thembi we immediately knew we wanted Thato to pick her. Just by looking at her they definitely made a good match. Fortunately, Thembi’s family didn’t disappoint in hosting Thato and we were pleased to know that they also approved of him.

When Thato picked Thembi, we were happy because we felt that unlike the previous episodes where the dates ended in a disaster, maybe this one will be the real deal? And we were not the only ones who were stoked because Thembi certainly shared the same sentiments and gave Thato a kiss to display her excitement.

We prefer not to comment on the kiss because Thembi is in our good books. In a nutshell the date went well and it looked like there was genuine chemistry between the two. We smiled from ear to ear when Thato mentioned the prospects of a second date.

We reiterate: can we get the follow up on where and what happened to the people who went on dates?

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