Dineo Ranaka Capitalizes On Her Heartbreak

They say all publicity is good publicity

By  | Jan 21, 2022, 02:36 PM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Top of The

Image of Dineo Ranaka
Media personality Dineo Ranaka has a difficult and turbulent relationship with Mzansi.  Many times she has been called arrogant  and self-obsessed.  But if there is one thing we  can all agree on about Dineo, regardless of how you feel about her,  it is that she never stops and never gives up. 

In the wake of her suspension from Metro FM, Dineo must be having a hard time.  I mean, not only could she potentially lose one of her main sources of income, but she was also viciously attacked online. But how could she have known that innocently participating in a TiK ToK dance challenge would land her in so much trouble? 

Dineo has made it clear that this will not be the end of her. She is determined to come out of this stronger, and even though it's a bleak situation, she will find some light. 
The media personality recently took to Instagram to announce a new business venture. She is launching a line of apparel with a focus on mental health. So far she's releasing sweatshirts and T-shirts which say "ANXIETY UNDER CONTROL". She said she had been struggling with a lot of anxiety and keeping it in check has been difficult. Therefore she made the clothes so that every time she wears them they remind her to breathe, and that she will be okay. 

And in the spirit of capitalising on this dark cloud, she has also announced that she will be releasing a new song. The single, called Ukhona, was recorded about June 2021, and will be released in about a week's time. The DJ will also focus on her music journey, for which she is grateful. 

She has received overwhelming support from her fellow ZAlebs, including Kelly Khumalo and Refilwe Modiselle. Gigi Lamayne is also excited about the drop of the outfits, as she too has opened up in the past about her own mental health struggles.  
This is not the first time that she has let her fans and followers know that she struggles with some mental health challenges. She recently shared that she would be focusing on her mental health and self esteem, to make sure that they don’t take a brutal beating during the whole Metro FM saga. 
It is great to see that she is getting a lot of support, not just from her fellow celebrities, but from her online family as well. Social media can sometimes be an echo chamber, and hearing a lot of the same repeated vitriol can make you think everybody hates somebody, but it is good that Dineo’s fans are sticking with her through it all. 
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