Pearl Thusi Slammed For Defending Dineo Ranaka

This follows after Dineo got suspended for participating in the Umlando challenge

By  | Jan 19, 2022, 03:35 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

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Media personality Pearl Thusi has received major social backlash for showing love to Dineo Ranaka, following her suspension from Metro FM. 

It is no secret no that Pearl and Metro FM are not on good terms. A couple of months ago she said she would rather die than return to the station.

Pearl tweeted her sympathy for Dineo and expressed her displeasure at the station for suspending her. "One of the best things I ever did for my self esteem and growth was to leave Metro FM. It’s one of the decisions I’m proudest of," she tweeted.
Tweeps took to the comment to last out at Pearl for defending Dineo. Others said Dineo was at fault for dancing on the office furniture.

"Aowaa Pearl!! Respect the workplace, even at clubs people don’t dance on tables, there’s a “dance floor”. Just Imagine cashiers or tellers dancing on top of tables at woolies or at the bank, brand image & reputation is important, Dineo was wrong period

"Learning what exactly? That dancing on company property is justified if you're a celebrity? That if a certain institution doesn't let you have your way u should leave? Transparency? No. Let's not be suck-ups neh. Where rules exist, they must be adhered to unless otherwise stated,"

'You were there under different management, right? Can't be dancing on top of million worth broadcasting desk and call that self esteem or expression. I may understand Metro FM has issues but that is a workplace. Even in construction, playing like that is an offense.
The Umlando challenge landed DJ Dineo in hot water with her employers. Dineo recently decided to take part in the dance craze that has taken over the country but it ended in tears.

Dineo can be seen in a viral video busting moves to the Amapiano track while showing off what her momma gave her.

In what an innocent move to entertain her fans, Dineo got suspended for misconduct. A source told City Press that Dineo Ranaka had been suspended from Metro FM due to misconduct.

“Unlike other people who did the challenge, she danced on top of expensive furniture,” the source added. SABC's group executive for corporate affairs, Gugu Ntuli, confirmed the suspension of the radio presenter. 

“The SABC can confirm that Dineo Ranaka is not scheduled on Metro FM at this stage and as a matter of principle the corporation does not discuss matters relating to its independent contractors in public.”

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