Why Dineo's Diary is the realest reality show

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Top of The

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Dineo's Diary has to be one of the realest reality shows we've seen in a while. I have to start by asking: you know that most reality shows aren't real, right? Anyway, her show is different because she brings her all and is not about that pretentious nonsense. That's why love Dineo Ranaka.

Although some of us find this as just entertainment, her two children might one day see it as a learning experience.

When asked what she wants her children to take from the show, Dineo said on V Entertainment: "They at least have a long-standing autobiography of their mom they can always watch and see her at her realest, at her most raw, at her most authentic and that's what they've got - life lessons, they've got lessons in business, they've got personal lessons, lessons in love, mistakes that I've made, they've got lots of lessons to learn from their mother." 

Dineo, who's also a businesswoman, is probably also one of the busiest mothers out there. But that doesn't keep her from spending time with her babies or doing other things that he loves.

She explained that one should always make time. "I love making television, I love being an entertainer, I love my children, I love my boyfriend, I love my family, I love making clothes... For as long as you live you must make time." 


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