Twitter Trolls Publicly Shaming Radio Personality, Dineo Ranaka

The toxic side of Twitter have shhown no mercy to Dineo

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While scores of fans have shared heartfelt messages towards radio and TV personality, Dineo Ranaka. Toxic Twitter trolls have rather resorted to an opportunity to mock and publicly ridicule Ranaka's mental health woes.

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Amongst a number of celebrities and people general public, Twitter is one of the most toxic social media platform to date. As a result, scores of celebrities have since deactivated their Twitter accounts, because of being constantly bullied, ridiculed and trolled.

The likes of the late veteran actor Patrick Shai and rapper Riky Rick were reportedly to have suffered a great deal from Twitter trolls as a result leading to their tragic demise. And usually whenever a public figure open up about their mental health, subsequently, they are subjected to trolling and public ridicule.

Dineo Ranaka's recent shocking mental health revelations making rounds on social media come as no surprise, as a result she has received backlash and trolling. In light of Dineo Ranaka's mental health issues, a number of fans have sympathized with the Ranaka's. meanwhile, at the same token she has been subjected to public shame and trolling.

"Dineo Ranaka has a job, shelter and a car, her kids go to private schools, she has her both parents, loving and supportive parents, she has siblings, Dineo and many more South Africans living comfortably just need to delete Instagram and block this superficial social media bs" wrote Jongilizwe
"What happened to strong single mom and independent? Women like to act strong on social media…it’s kicking in now she realises that she gotta mother then kids until they are all grown up…she knows she won’t be a good role model for them…she’s choosing death" wrote Steve Carlson
"Then afterwards it's a Kim Kardashian lonely sleeping and dineo ranaka suicide thoughts situation. This independent shandis women front, is just a facade women use to hide how they truly feel inside, and it's mostly due to peer pressure and social media pressure." wrote Brian
"Dineo ranaka is speaking behalf of all single mothers, these people are living miserable lives guys, they just hide their pain behind feminism but reality always kicks in when they lay their head on that pillow... Keep acting like your body count doesn't matter" wrote Twar SA
Dineo’s older sister Manaka Ranaka thanked everyone for the messages of support and shared that the family is with Dineo right now.
“Family is with her right now and we are trying to get her all the help she will need moving forward. She is in a very dark place right now and we are trying to get her to see the light again. Thank you guys…”

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