Let your belly hang like DJ Capital

He's one hip hop DJ we love seeing topless.

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DJ Capital main

Yes, you read correctly, DJ Capital may not have ripped abs like most men in the entertainment industry but seeing him flaunt that belly of his is one hilarious sight to see.

In an industry that that is quite fixated on having the perfect body, we've come to see a lot of rappers and DJ's hit the gym a lot lately in the hopes of making it onto some "Sexiest man" list. 

But not Capital, he's more than happy with dancing all over the country with his pot-belly hanging.

DJ Capital

Have you seen a hip hop DJ as confident about his body as this man?

DJ Capital 1

And if you think the ladies aren't feeling this guy because of his height and belly, think again, the ladies love them some DJ Capital.

Ladies capital

And he sure does love the ladies too.

DJ Capital 3
DJ Capital 4
DJ Capital4

So gents, the next time you're at a concert or a club turning up and you have this urge to take off your shirt but are too conscious of your belly, just think of DJ Capital as your motivation to take that shirt off!

DJ Capital

Main Image: Instagram/@DJCapital