"Give DJ Christos the praise he deserves!"

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Finally! An open letter that hasn't offended anyone and one that hopefully everyone can agree on!






According to ZA Gossip, an avid fan of DJ Christo's  took the time to pen down a letter to Metro FM pleading for them to honour DJ Christos with a Lifetime Achievement Award this year. The letter, which was written by Lindokuhle “Dogg” Buthelezi resonated with many people, especially the likes of DJ Black Coffee and L’vovo.

Here's why Lindokuhle was vouching for DJ Christos: “The reason I decided to write this letter, is to make a request/plea to the station and its award committee: TO PLEASE HONOUR DJ CHRISTOS WITH A LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD in the upcoming Metro FM Awards.

I feel this has been long overdue! If there’s anyone who deserves to be honoured in the music industry of South Africa, it definitely has to be DJ Christos. In My opinion, DJ Christos is one of the individuals that helped South Africa craft its sound, gave life to the industry by being the engine behind the many success stories in our music industry.”

Lindokuhle continued to praise Christos as not only a treasure to the South African music industry but also a great teacher too:

“It’s a pity that guys like DJ Christos, whom are humble, down to earth, passionate and strict about quality, seldom, get the praise due to them in society.

His passion for quality music and the music industry as a whole is evident in the knowledge he passes on through the workshops hosted by DJU to educate youngsters and aspiring musicians about the ins and outs of the music and entertainment business.”

Lindokuhle, we hope your plea will not fall on deaf ears. Read the full open letter here

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