Euphonik gives valuable advice on how to distribute your music

Euphonik offers he's own piece of advice on how to make it in the music industry.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | DJ Euphonik  | Top of The


Although he's admitted that his knowledge about the music industry isn't exactly 100% Euphonik has offered to share his own take of how you can get your music out there.

We're guessing his 1 on 1 social media class has been inspired by all the drama that has been unfolding in the  Mabala Noise and Ambitiouz Entertainment camp.

In a series of tweets that has been receiving a lot of engagement, Euphonik first started off by asking people what their thoughts were about the South African music industry and requested that they remain as honest as possible when responding to his questions.

The DJ then received an influx of responses. He's advice as to how to distribute your music then began, in case you missed them, here are a couple of tweets from Euphonik that may be very valuable to your music career if you're an aspiring musician.

Class is in session...

Lesson 1, of many. Make sure you have different avenues of how to distribute your music.

Lesson 2: Contrary to popular belief, according to Euphonik, iTunes is not the end all and be all in terms of distributing your music, so having your song at number 1 on iTunes isn't really a big deal in the bigger scheme of things.

Lesson 3: We consider this to be one of the most crucial Euphonik lessons, guys, having a website nowadays is very important, we live in a digital age, and if you're trying to push a business, having a website is one of the top things you should have in your business plan.

Lesson 4: Don't complicate things, simplicity is the key, make it easy for people to get your music.

Lesson 5: Hate it or love it, but if you want your music to be heard go to the taxi ranks, that's how the likes of Oskido used to distribute their TDK tapes back in the day. The taxi rank is your office!

Lesson 6: These following tweets may be very crucial to your musical career, read them, understand them and then execute.

Lesson 7: Read the fine print carefully, the music industry is a business that needs to be studied or you'll find yourself kicked to the curb with no two cents to rub together.

Last but not least, this is all YOU.

Thank you Euphonik for the lesson. 

Class is out..

Main Image: Instagram/Euphonik