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She has to take pills for this

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Television and radio personality Lamiez Holworthy and her husband Khuli Chana have been the talk of the town since they flew out to the Maldives for their baecation.

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Lamiez has been sharing moments from their getaway through social media. Taking to her Instagram stories, the star revealed that she cannot swim and that she is afraid of water. “So fun fact right, I actually don’t know how to swim. I am terrified of water. I take anxiety tablets when I’m surrounded by water. I take pills for motion sickness, I take pills for nausea.” She said.
Sharing her view of the ocean, Holworthy added that the could be a mermaid in the water.

“Ere kele botseng, there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than nature. I still believe that the ocean has a mind of its own. Ke sure onale water meisie kamo. Mo little mermaid ba teng.”

Our fave had a terrible experience at the hospital before leaving the country, she opened up about it.

"Today was probably one of the most emotionally draining days that I've ever had to endure and having health workers so numb and so insensitive to whatever I was going through by asking for a picture at a hospital even made it worse. What happened to empathy?” She asked.

She said that just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean she is not like everyone else.

"I'm actually upset. I couldn't even go through my emotions like any normal person could. Instead, I am being followed from one department to the next for a picture? By multiple people? At a hospital guys. A hospital where people are fighting for their lives and some die and lose their loved ones daily. You want a picture? Of someone clearly not okay?"

Acknowledging the fact that she is a famous personality, she added that she also deserves to be treated with common courtesy.

"I am a people's person and I genuinely appreciate those who show me, love. I am however only human. I am human before anything else and it would be nice to be treated with common courtesy and respect especially in such tough times. Am I supposed to wipe my tears and smile for your picture? Like screw what I'm going through right?" She posted.

She ended her emotionally charged video on a lighthearted note.

"guess that's it - wipe your tears and get over whatever you're going through because people want pictures right? My whole world must stop because fans want pictures right? At a hospital? Ok, I get it. I'm not human, I must get the hell over what's upsetting me and pose right? Okay, Noted!"

Main Picture Credit: Lamiez Instagram Account
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